Causes of nipple pain

Why Do My Nipples Hurt – 20 Possible Causes


Why Do My Nipples Hurt 

The wearing tight or ill-fitting undergarments and clothing is one of the most common (and easily cured) causes of nipple pain is . But nipple pain is also a problem for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. In addition, sore nipples can be caused by infection, certain kinds of breast cancer and other conditions

The following are some leading causes of pain in nipples. If you’re experiencing this problem, then make sure you understand the cause in order to find the cure. If the problem persists, contact a doctor.

Your clothing might be doing it
Uncomfortable clothing is a big reason for many women to feel pain in nipples. You may already know which bra or other inner wear is causing discomfort.
Pregnancy can be a cause too
During pregnancy, such issues are completely normal and you shouldn’t worry much.
Wrong latching on during breastfeeding
Wrong latching on of the baby can be a big cause for pain in nipples and breasts. Make sure your child latches on properly.
It could be an infection
Itching and chapping are the main symptoms of an infection.
It could be cancer
If the pain is because of breast cancer then you should seek medical advice.
Friction due to exercise
An uncomfortable sports bra combined with exercise can also cause pain in nipples.
Recent sexual activity
Sexual activities can also lead to some pain in nipples. Try to avoid experiments in this regard.
The Raynaud’s syndrome
Poor blood circulation is the main reason for Raynaud’s syndrome. This pain occurs when the nipples feel cold air.
Some hormonal changes
Changes in estrogen can lead to pain in the nipple area.
Paget’s disease
It’s a rare disease. Seek medical advice if symptoms occur.
Teething of the child
Your child might be teething the breasts during breastfeeding. This leads to such pain too.
Less moisture
Change breastfeeding technique and use moisturizers to cure this issue. Dryness is another cause of pain in the nipple area.
Blocking of ducts and inflammation
Bad techniques of breastfeeding lead to a blocked duct. You should seek medical advice.
It can be mastitis
Poor draining of milk causes mastitis. You can treat it with self-help or antibiotics treatment.
Another disease, breast abscess
It is related to mastitis. It occurs when pus collects in the breast leading to a great amount of pain. Redness, swelling, and heat are the main symptoms.
Thrush or candidiasis
It’s a cause of breast pain during the time of breastfeeding. The cause of Thrush is candida yeast. Your baby could show its symptoms as well.
Pain because of a milk blister
The pain because of milk blister is severely high. It is also called white spot. The pain is usually sharp and specific. When skin grows over the milk ducts of the nipples, it leads to trapping of the milk. This leads to the incredible pain.
Eczema of nipples
It’s a rare cause but still, it’s significant. It leads to soreness and a burning sensation in the nipple. You should avoid allergens and moisturizers.
Contact dermatitis is another cause
A burning sensation accompanied by dryness is a symptom of contact dermatitis. You should wash your breast by using water and avoid any other triggering lotions or creams.
Pain due to Vasospasm
Sudden changing of the nipple’s color from white to red is a clear indicator of vasospasm. Your baby’s wrong method of nipple suction is the main reason here.
Above are just a few of the major concerns of causes of pain in nipples. There may be others that have not been listed worth looking into.


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