What Causes White Discharge in My Urine

What Is Mucus or White Discharge In My Urine 

Being a man there is a good chance that at sometime early in your life you will get a white discharge in your urine. This is more than likely an infection from a disease you have caught from someone. Plain and simple.

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What is the treatment for white discharge in my urine?

To get rid of this you will more than likely need to go and see a specialist. Once you see a mucus or discharge you will more than likely not be able to just sit there and wait for it to go away, or take a paracetamol and hope for the best. It is best to seek professional advice and either go and see your doctor, or go directly to a hospital to the relevant specialist department.

Urine is a great indicator of your health. You might not know it yourself, but your urine can give almost all the information regarding the condition of your body. The most basic sign is of your hydration levels. Mucus in your urine is not a good sign and needs attention.

Apart from that, it can also convey whether the body has an infection. Medical professionals value urine significantly to find the cause of a particular disease and diagnose the same. If you are at all worried about the issue you should book an appointment with your doctor and go to get his or her advise.

Sometimes males experience a white discharge in the urine. Females have to face this issue as well. I have made sure that this article gives you all the knowledge to avoid any confusion and doubts.

The issues you could face that are all more than likely the same problem.

In all of the above cases you should should go and see your doctor so you can receive an opinion and treatment for the cause.

Is it Serious?

Occurrence of a white discharge along with the urine could be a normal thing. It could also be the symptom of an underlying condition. You should understand that your urine shouldn’t have too much white discharge.

Similarly, the discharge should not occur many times or regularly. In that case, it would be clear that there’s an underlying condition. The best thing to do then would be to visit a specialist and get proper a diagnosis for treatment.

What Causes White Discharges in Urine?

Many factors cause a white discharge in urine. Some of those factors are listed below:

Presence of Mucus in Urine

Mucus is present in your bladder and urethra naturally. They keep creating this substance to protect themselves against harmful bacteria and germs. With the help of mucus, they prevent infections of kidney and urinary tract.

However, some mucus might also come in your urine discharge. You shouldn’t worry as it is completely normal.

It Could be Congestive Prostatitis

Maybe your urine discharge is a little white because of the presence of semen. That could happen because of the condition called congestive prostatitis. It’s quite common. It occurs when the person sits for a prolonged duration the prostate experiences a significant amount of pressure.

The prostate might have some semen because of rare ejaculation. Holding back ejaculation during masturbation or intercourse can also lead to this occurrence. If this condition persists for a long duration, consulting a doctor becomes important.

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Chlamydia Could Also Cause Mucus

Males experience white discharge in urine because of Chlamydia as well. It’s a dangerous disease for the reproductive system of a woman. Therefore, get proper treatment if you are diagnosed with this disease.

It doesn’t cause any white particles in the urine of females. It displays no prominent symptoms in women, so they don’t find out about the infection until they have had the issue for some time. This could be a problem for the partner as he/she may catch the infection from the female.


Females also experience white flakes in their urine discharge. But their usual causes are plenty. Ovulation, the release of mucus before periods and phosphate debris are some common reasons for the occurrence of white flakes in their urine.

Still, if you face this issue for a long time or if the condition is accompanied by irritation or a burning sensation, consult a doctor. It would be the best thing to do. The information provided here is just that. It is not professional advice.


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