Fast Walking To Lose Weight The Easy Way

Walking For Weight Loss

Walking to lose weight

Walking For Weight Loss

Try fast walking to lose weight

Walking is a great way for easy weight loss. They say you should take around 10,000 steps a day if you want to get the weight off. This will obviously depend on the amount of food that you eat each day, and also what you eat.

Walking to lose weight
Walking is a great way for easy weight loss

Walking is a cheap and easy way to look after yourself. It is also one of those sports were you do not have to pay much to do it, and it is done anytime and anywhere that you are.

So there really is no excuse that you could not get to the gym to burn the calories. We are very lucky in were we live. Across the road from us is the entrance to a forest.

We can take a walk through the forest for well over an hour getting the best of both worlds at no extra cost. An hours walk is as good as 30 minutes running. The benefits of walking are far more impressive than running.




  • walking is easy
  • walking burns calories
  • you can walk anywhere
  • walking costs nothing
  • walking benefits are very high

Walking for easy weight loss





  • running burns more calories
  • running is for the younger generation
  • running hurts
  • running causes more injuries
  • running costs money

Running to burn calories

Walking v Running

Walking is great when you start to get injuries from running. I took up walking over 15 years ago (about 35 years young) and have never looked back. I tried training for a marathon about 5 years ago and gave up as the legs just had to many difficulties to handle.

I have never had an injury from walking and can count on one hand the amount of injuries I have had in the last 30 years.

Running is great when you are young and your legs are use to it. You are slim and your body can cope with the constant pounding it takes from driving the legs into the ground over and over again.

With walking you do not get this problem. As you get older you put weight on. I see hundreds of people every year out running trying to loose weight. The age ranges from 18 years to 65 years.

If you are just overweight and you are serious about loosing the weight you might make it. But unfortunately most of the people I see are middle aged men who go out running once or twice a week for 3 or 4 miles thinking that this will be enough to get the weight off.

Running for weight loss




They stand no chance. In fact they would be better off walking on a daily basis than running twice a week.

For most of these people that effort is about as much as they can muster, and unfortunately it is nowhere near enough. An average working male consumes between 2200 and 2800 calories a day, maybe higher depending on how you start your day.

If you start the day with a coffee before you get the train you are looking at around 200 calories a cup with a sugar.

If you start with a Starbucks latte or any coffee shop latte or cappuccino you are looking at around 320 calories. This does not include what you had for breakfast. Add a croissant to it and we are now at 500 calories.

The day is long and during the working day most people tend to snack. Another coffee or two, a couple of teas, crisps, chocolate bars, biscuits and more, and this is before we have had lunch.

If you are a McDonalds or Kentucky fan you have serious problems. Not just because of the quality of food that you eat, the fact is that most of us who use these places tend to use them regular.

Not only is the food unhealthy most of the time, it is also full of salt and those dreaded empty calories. Empty calories are food that contains very little nutrition. All it actually does is fill you up.

What the body does not burn at the time, it then stores as FAT. So each meal you consume from any of the regular quick fill places will leave you with a certain excess amount of wasted food, and a high degrees of unburned calories which then turn to fat.

Burn more calories




This all builds up to help you towards the big H. To many calories from empty food will give you a few things to think about.

To help you to burn those excess calories each and everyday without going to the gym add walking to your routine. If you would rather do it before work then try and do it in the morning.

Walk to the next several bus stops before getting on the bus. Walk to work. Get off the bus a couple of stops early. Try and squeeze in 10,000 steps a day, and to add to this try and change your diet so that it fits in with your routine. You really do need to combine both to make it work.

Go to your local sports store and buy yourself a decent pedometer. You can attach it to your shorts, trousers, jeans or whatever and count the steps that you do. It really is a great incentive to get you out walking.


Using a HRM





Start a diary and make notes of how many steps you are taking each day. This will encourage you to try and keep a weekly and monthly record of what you do. Once you achieve this consider starting to look at what you aet.

Take a look at the labels on the containers and try to take in 5 a day as recommended. You will be surprised at what you can actually eat in a day AND still loose weight.


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