Voyage Sunglasses by Aether


This is the third collaboration with Southern California-based luxury eyewear brand SALT. The idea – To design a superior product geared toward an adventure-oriented person.

Adventurous lifestyles often lead to broken sunglasses. To solve this issue we sourced quality materials. For the bridge and top bar, we found “memory metal”—a material rarely used in premium eyewear—which bends and flexes, always returning to its original shape.

For the side shields we sourced a brand-new type of silicone, helping to create a frame both flexible and durable. The result is the Voyage Sunglass, a meticulously crafted piece of eyewear, in a stunning design. This is ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle.

Built with Japanese beta-titanium temples and titanium front frames, the Voyage features photochromic and polarized lenses that change shade when exposed to light. The frames also feature strategically sized holes and vented side shields to reduce airflow and excessive sunlight. This makes them ideal for hobbies such as cycling, motorcycling, boating, and other activities.

Aether Name

The Voyage comes in four colorways:

Black Sand

Aether Sunglasses in Black

Black Sand with Black Side Shield


Aether Black Sand Side Sheild

Antique Silver


Aether Sunglasses Antique Shield

Antique Silver with Grey Side Shield

Aether Sunglasses Antique Silver with Side Shield

Antique Gold with black side shield

Black Sand with red side shield

Designed for: City / Motorcycle

*We do not offer returns on sunglasses.

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