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Vela Smartwatch – Your Own Personal Health and Wellness Coach

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Your Own Health Technology Product

“Certified health and wellness coaches stand apart from coaches who have not received adequate coach training or assessment of their coaching skills and knowledge” Be your own coach with the Vela Smart Watch

You probably know about life coaches, who help people make changes and increase happiness in many areas of their lives. … Health and fitness coaches help people develop individualized strategies for improving their health, exercise, eating and emotional well-being. Life coaching focuses on the individual’s entire life.

The Vela Health and wellness watch helps you to live a better life by keeping your heart health on track, managing your stress and your vital body signs with its proactive heart rate variability and blood oxygen monitor.

✅HRV Analysis & Heart Disease Diagnosis

✅Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitoring

✅Managing Your Stress

✅Heart Rate Zones to Optimize Your Workouts

✅Comprehensive Sleep Analysis

✅Female Hormone Tracking

A Watch that combines fitness tracking and personal health into a smartwatch. The Vela Smartwatch looks after your health and well being for you.

health and wellness coach

The Vela Watch is an affordable wellness monitoring solution.

With the features of Vela, you can be proactive in making sure you are staying healthy long term.


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Helps detect the risk of heart failure


Helps to detect the risks of heart failure

Health Improvement Performance


HRV Score

Vela Smarth Watch HRV Score

Determine your body’s readiness for training and optimize your fitness intensity.

Wake up in the morning and review your HRV score with your Vela smartwatch. Read the full details of the heart health index in Vela app.


Comprehensive Sleep Analysis

Comprehensive Sleep Analysis – Automatic Sleep Detection

By measuring the length of your sleep, the quality of your sleep, and heart rate during the sleep, Vela works to maximize your recovery during sleep.


Vibrating Alarm Watch

Vibrating Alarm – Wake up to a smooth vibrating alarm


Optimize Your Workout

Optimize your workout intensity with the stress and regeneration status


Vela Watch Colors

Vela Health and Wellness Watch


Vela Heart rate Zones - Fat Burning Tools

Heart Rate Training Zones – Perfect for fat burning

There are five different heart rate training zones that you can work in. Each one has its own benefits and helps to improve your cardio strength or to burn more fat. 

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By knowing your heart rate zones you can work out on a daily basis what you wish to do that day, and which zone you want to train in. fat burning is normally in zone two, whilst cardio training, aerobic or anaerobic is normally zone three and four. Your max training zone is zone five, and you will do well to hit this zone and training in it for any length of time.


Vela Watch Comparison Chart

Vela Health and Wellness Watch Comparison Chart

IP 68 Waterproofing – The best you can get currently


Vela Watch Specifications

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