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The Benefits of Green Tea

Sainsburys green tea benefits
Choosing a good green tea

The Benefits of Green Tea – Sainsburys Green Tea

Being a bit of a green tea nut I recently purchased a box of Sainsbury’s Green Blend Tea, only to be somewhat disappointed. Ok, it says green blend on the box, but unless you actually taste it you have no idea what “green blend” is.

Green tea benefits
A green tea is a good way to start the day

This is a Fairtrade Tea which was the main reason that I bought it. This green tea tastes far more like a black tea, and unless you like black tea black, it tastes far stronger than other green teas like Tetley Tea.

I will finish the box as I hate waste. But this tea will be used sometime during the day when I feel like a green tea rather than a normal tea.

I like green tea because it provides a lot of excellent benefits which I am positively convinced work. I have always had blood pressure close to the higher reading rather than normal through family reasons. I am very fit and found this annoying. I started consuming green tea after seeing an article in a fitness mag. Anything that helps to lower cholesterol is a good thing in my opinion.

In the last 2 years from the regular use of green tea, I have seen my blood pressure drop to levels I could only dream of. My fitness has gone through the roof and I feel much stronger when I ride my bike. I put some this down to green tea. Obviously, you will only get fit if you do some sort of fitness training. Sitting on the settee all day will not help to build a strong cardiovascular system.

In the morning I now enjoy one or two cups of green tea as it does not leave a bitter taste in the mouth, and it also does the body a lot of good. In the evening I will also consume a cup or two. I try and have 4 cups a day. Normally when I wake instead of having a normal tea I will take a green tea, it tastes far more refreshing.

The Benefits of Green Tea

Sainsbury’s green blend tea is not to my liking as it is far too strong and contains too much black tea inside. I would not recommend it unless you are ok with the taste of black tea without milk. I have tried it with milk and it tastes like black tea, I would say this tea is a black tea with a sprinkle of green tea in it.

Stick to some of the more recognized blends for a better taste and a more refreshing feeling afterward.

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