Signs of pregnancy

Symptoms of Pregnancy at a Very Early Stage


Symptoms of Pregnancy at an Early Stage

Getting pregnant is a great feeling. Almost every woman remembers her first pregnancy. It’s one of the most memorable moments of the life after all. However, figuring out whether you have become pregnant or not is a difficult task.

Early symptoms of pregnancy

The main reason for it is that the symptoms are significantly variable. Your friends might share their experiences and their first signs of being pregnant but it’s certain that your one will be completely different.

You won’t need to worry too much because the symptoms are common too. It depends on whether or not you notice the symptom.

However, before we discuss the various signs of pregnancy, we should also discuss ovulation and its relation with the signs. This way, you won’t have any confusion regarding this process.

And if you’re planning on getting pregnant then understanding the relationship between ovulation and pregnancy signs would be much helpful. I have made sure you get to remove all the doubts of this case.

Early symptoms of pregnancy




Lower back pain during ovulation

Some women think that lower back during ovulation is a sign of pregnancy. You should understand that it happens because of the release of the, egg from the ovary. It’s the process that takes place before fertilization. That’s why it’s not a sign of pregnancy. Lower back pain during ovulation is a normal and natural occurrence.

Sore breasts and their relation

Tenderness or sensitivity of breasts is a big indicator of pregnancy. However, it’s a little difficult to figure out which kind of tenderness you’re experiencing. That is so because it’s also the symptom of ovulation and some diseases. Therefore, you can’t conclude randomly.

You can find out if the sore breasts result from pregnancy. You’ll be feeling heaviness or fullness in your breasts. You would feel the sensation, not in a particular area of the breasts. Instead, you’ll get the sensation in the entire breasts. During ovulation, the soreness or pain occurs on the sides. You can easily test now whether the sore breasts are showing pregnancy or ovulation.

Signs of pregnancy




Symptoms of Pregnancy at 2 Weeks

Sore breasts are not the only early sign of pregnancy. In fact, there are many and you might experience any of them. As stated earlier, different women experience different signs as their first indicators of pregnancy. Knowing about most of them would help you if you’re expecting pregnancy.

Hot flashes and nausea are little common symptoms. These hot flashes occur because of hormonal changes. You’ll not be able to control these hot flashes at all so if you experience them, it would be better to wear natural and airy clothing.


Overall, ovulation and pregnancy are deeply related. They both share symptoms as well and as a result, many women face confusion. But with the above information, I hope you won’t have any doubts about this topic. You can now easily figure out whether the respective symptom is of pregnancy or ovulation at once.

Pregnancy symptoms



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