If you are worried about having cancer, start lifting weights

If you are worried about having cancer, start lifting weights

We all know cancer as a disease that can be a lottery of bad luck or simply consequences of bad habits. Also it can be if you had been exposed to some kind of unfavorable environment for your health. However, this diseases is prevented by leading a healthy life, eating balanced and including regular exercises in your routine. Now if you like the gym and you’re fond of dumbbells you will wonder, Can Lifting Weights Cut Cancer Risks.

How weights avoid cancer

This isn’t just a fact recommended by some health guru, to reach this conclusion studies were made from 1980-2003. It involved more than 8,000 men over 20 years, this include those who exercise and frequently lift considerable weight.

This study show how this last people are more likely to not suffering diseases including cancer by up to 40%. In this process, it was taken into account that it didn’t have to do with the loss of body fat. The people who practiced this routine having more muscle mass are healthier and have zero possibilities of suffering from this.

What happens in your body when you lift weights?

It’s very important to know this so that you have an idea of ​​why Can Lifting Weights Cut Cancer Risks. Maintaining a weight routine will make your body have normal hormones levels that can be unhealthy with time. We talk about estrogen and insulin, they’re related to different types of cancer when occur abundantly in your body. That’s why is very important to do exercise and have your hormones under control.

Avoid obesity with this exercise

One of the best ways to burn fat is doing weight lifting. If so, it is very difficult to gain weight at unhealthy levels that affect your body. However having a slight overweight can also affect and get to cause you ailments such as resistance to insulin. This problem can give the right conditions for the appearance of cancer in your body.

Balances stomach acids when lifting weights

This type of exercise of high demand will make your stomach acids look balanced. What does this mean? Well, in this way any type of bacteria that may be unhealthy or carcinogenic in your stomach will be eliminated. Accordingly, it will help you reduce the risk of possible stomach cancer.

Stimulate your digestive system with weights

As you see it, doing this type of exercise will make the food to be digested faster. This is because keeping food in your body for a long time cause that free radicals increased. This is due to the natural oxidation process of the food. That’s why in large quantities can result in the appearance of various types of cancer.

Lift weights to reduce inflammation

Doing this exercise will help you a lot to combat this condition, since it’s not healthy for your body to remain inflamed. The prolongation of this condition can result in risk of colon or pancreatic cancer, something that we want to avoid.

Do dumbbells for your immune system

Sure you’ll be surprised, but when doing this type of exercises you’ll also giving great help to your immune system. This will help you avoid the risk, not only of suffering from cancer, but also of the appearance of tumors. This types of problems can be potentially carcinogenic. So if you have your immune system in optimal conditions, you’ll be able to defend it. Also your body could defend itself against these cells and prevent them from growing up, thus forming dangerous tumors.

Better blood irrigation by lifting weights

If there’s a reason why Can Lifting Weights Cut Cancer Risks is because improves the blood flow through your body. In this way you help to keep all your systems more oxygenated, it also improves cardiovascular health. The risk to suffer other ailments, such as diabetes, which can later bring with it the terrible cancer, are minimum.

What happens if I am diagnosed with cancer?

If you’d been maintaining a weight routine and you are suffering from this disease, do not worry, you’ve done well. This exercises won´t only give strength to your muscles, it’ll strengthen your whole organism. This will make you be more resistant to treatments against this disease, thus giving them a greater chance of success. Later, it also heal you and recover you much faster from the consequences of these treatments and the disease.

Can I lift weights if I have cancer?

Of course you can, even if you already maintained a routine before the diagnosis. Just try to keep your doctor informed of what you’re doing. It’s likely you have to modify these exercises and make them “more friendly” at some point in the treatment. However, don’t forget that keeping fit is an excellent way to fight and beat this disease. And of course, you have to pair this with a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. Also you need to completely exclude the consumption of sugar, fats and alcoholic beverages.

As you can see the answer to Can Lifting Weights Cut Cancer Risks is a total and resounding yes. If you go to the gym don’t forget to do a routine of weights and demand more in each session. That way you’ll make stronger your body and your health in general. But if you don’t, please consider to do it so to be more happy and healthier.