Hyper-Sub An Insane Navy-Approved Speedboat-Submarine

Redefining Small, Submersible Technology

By combining the long-range, high speeds of a speed boat with the deep diving capabilities of a submarine, the Hyper-Sub is a true first-of-its-kind speed boat come submarine in innovation.

Because it is a speedboat, the Hyper-Sub can be deployed quickly and conveniently from nearly any dock, beach or other typical launch location. Once on the water, the Hyper-Sub can quickly transit to the desired location and, with the flip of a few switches, transition into a submarine.

This ease of deployment eliminates the need for costly surface vessel support.

The Hyper-Sub achieves this through two major breakthroughs in submersible technology: Hyper-Buoyancy and Modular Design. These two concepts have resulted in an incredibly safe, cost-effective, and scalable submersible watercraft that redefines submersible technology.

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Hyper Sub 2018

Hyper Sub 2018 Interior


AIP Submarine Including Double Piston Tank

  • Arkmodel 1:48 U31 (Type 212A) Aip Submarine Including Double Piston Tank WTC(Water Tight Cylinder) KIT [C7615K+W7615PS2K] Ship introduction: Item:C7615K+W7615PS2K Scale:1/48 ARTR size/weight:1165x145mm/16500g (ARTR box) Kit size/weight:990x310x180/13800g(Kit box)
  • 212A Kit introduction: This is a HIGH QUALITY model kit. Designed by detailed drawing and resource. Suit for building an RC model or a static display model. Hull made by FRP/ABS. Deck&superstructure made by ABS/wood/epoxy sheet (CNC). Detail fitting parts made by casting resin or metal.
  • All metal parts such as running set made by CNC precision sizing. Kit includes colour decal. Kit includes large size brass photo etch. Kit includes 3D illustrated step by step instruction.
  • This kit(hull) comes with almost everything that needs to build an RC running model. Kit includes a hull, decks, Injection parts, CNC-sheets, decals, brass photo etch, instructions and other parts for WTC installation. WTC(water tight cylinder)is a sealed cabin that accommodates all machinery and electronic equipment, such as motors, water-Piston, solenoid valve, servo, ESC, ERS, RC, battery etc.  WTC supplies submarine the ability of running, diving, and floating.

Arkmodel 1:48 U31 (Type 212A) AIP Submarine Including Double Piston Tank WTC(Water Tight Cylinder) KIT [C7615K+W7615PS2K]

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