Hyper Sub 2018

Hyper-Sub An Insane Navy-Approved Speedboat-Submarine


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Redefining Small, Submersible Technology

By combining the long-range, high speeds of a speed boat with the deep diving capabilities of a submarine, the Hyper-Sub is a true first-of-its-kind speed boat come submarine in innovation.

Because it is a speedboat, the Hyper-Sub can be deployed quickly and conveniently from nearly any dock, beach or other typical launch location. Once on the water, the Hyper-Sub can quickly transit to the desired location and, with the flip of a few switches, transition into a submarine.

This ease of deployment eliminates the need for costly surface vessel support.

The Hyper-Sub achieves this through two major breakthroughs in submersible technology: Hyper-Buoyancy and Modular Design. These two concepts have resulted in an incredibly safe, cost-effective, and scalable submersible watercraft that redefines submersible technology.


Hyper Sub 2018 Interior


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