My Attempt At The 72 Hour Diet

Today, Friday 10th May 2024 I will make my first attempt at completing a 72 hour fast. The longest I have fasted before is around 20 hours.

My Statistics


64 years young

83 – 84 kgs

Image taken on the morning of Thursday 9th May 2024

My physique for the beginning of a 72 hour diet

My Sports

I am a keen cyclist and go to the gym around 4 times a week weight training and on the elliptical machine when I am not out discovering Scotland in our motorhome.

Currently I have a knee problem with the anterior cruciate ligament that has caused to me stop cycling for 4 months. I only started riding the bike again 4 days ago whilst in Killin in Scotland to test out and try and strenghten the muscles as they are seriously fading on the right thigh. The result of this test was a 60 km ride that was really hard work, recorded on strava if you want to look at the stats.

Why Try The 72 Hour Diet

I have always wanted to try this diet to see if it actually makes you feel or look any better. I have always had a very small amount of fat on the love handles and over the 6 pack. I want to see if this actually reduces that fat at all.

I will also be walking our little dog Lillie twice a day, and tht alone will count for more than 10,000 steps per day.

My diet will consist of water, and a couple of cups of black coffee a day, plus any teas that will help to burn fat.

I also intend to go to the gym each day, twice to do weight training, and once on the elliptical machine to see how my performance feels without any food intake.

The diet will start on the Friday afternoon around 4pm, so that I can finish on the Monday around 4pm, and pop into Wetherspoons for fish and chips in the afternoon when it is relatively quiet.

Fridays Stats, Foods and Journey

Fridays journey will start when I wake with a cup of rosy lee. This will be followed quickly by another, and then it will be time for a morning walk with Lillie.

Our dog Lillie
Lillie our dog by the lake

Friday is here and the day started with 2 cups of tea and a banana. This was followed later in the day with a free choclate cake and a free coffee provided by Octopus energy ( link). I get a free drink weekly at the moment from Greggs or 1 other spot from Octopus, so quite handy.

I then had fish and chips around 4pm for my final meal of the day ready to start the diet at 5pm.

Here we go….

Saturdays Stats

The day started around 6.30 when I got out of bed. A quick cup of green tea followed, and then a walk locally with our little dog Lillie. On return I had another gree tea and later around half a litre of water.

In the afternoon I had a black coffee and another half litre of water.

Sundays Stats

Sundays here

Mondays Stats

Monday here…

So What Are my Views

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