Custom Molded True Wireless Earphones

Decibullz launched a Kickstarter campaign for their customizable Black Diamond True Wireless custom molded earbuds which fit any users’ ear via a patented Press Fit System. The first DIY custom molded truly wireless earphones that easily form to the exact shape of your ears. Simply heat the Decibullz thermo-fit earpieces in water and press them into your ears for a perfect fitting earphone that will never fall out or become uncomfortable. What’s more, the earpieces will adapt perfectly to the shape of the users’ ear and hold their new shape until they are reheated.

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There are now quite a few different brands of wireless earbuds out there, but I am not aware of any that offer molding of any kind for that perfect fit. Added to this the fact that they are Bluetooth 5 and we are ahead of the competition.

Equally Impressive Audio

The Black Diamond Earphones pair this impressive customization with equally impressive audio. Connecting via Bluetooth 5.0, the earphones are complete with digital audio pass-through so you can choose if you want to hear the world around you or drown it out. With an IPX7 waterproof rating, the Black Diamond Earphones also offer a whopping six hours of music playback. And, with the included charger case, you can get up to 25 hours of battery life.

Decibullz has a track record of creating some of the best sounding earphones available. Our earphones have been recognized by some of the industry’s toughest critics earning two CES Innovation Awards as well as’s Best Earphone of 2015. We are known for our well-balanced sound signature that is clean, powerful, and distortion free.

Quick Charging– A quick 10-minute charge will get you over an hour of listening. Meanwhile, a quick 30-minute charge will provide over 5 hours of playback!

Easy Pairing– Once paired the first time, Black Diamond earphones will automatically sync to your phone every time they are removed from the charging case.

These earphones are also water, sweat, and dustproof. With an IPX7 waterproof rating, they can go wherever you go and do whatever you do. This is achieved by combining the latest hydrophobic electronic nanocoating with a watertight earphone enclosure.

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