Choosing a Good Quality Gravel Bike (Tips)

A List of The Best Gravel Bikes You Can Buy

A gravel bike might be top of your list for some strange reason. But do you really need one, and MORE importantly – have you got what it takes to be able to use a gravel bike to its full.

Allied Able Gravel Bike
Allied Able Quality Gravel Bike

We do not go into details about the bikes and how it rides and handles. What we do is list the warranties, components, prices, and places to buy, plus a couple of reviews from cycling magazines. You will have to decide the other facts on frame size and choice.

The choice of gravel bikes will include steel, titanium, aluminum, and carbon frames from any frame maker who builds a gravel bike. If the bike you are looking for is not here, then please drop us an email and we will add it.

The components will be from SRAM, Shimano, and Campagnolo and other specialists and wheels will be mentioned if we find a warranty for them.

We only list the primary name of the group set that the bike is using and rate that group set on what others have said about it in the past, or on our experience. With that in mind, I am not currently a big fan of SRAM having had issues with my current group set in the middle of my gearset on my current gravel bike.

In all the years I have used shimano (road, mtb and gravel) I have never had any issues like the current one with SRAM that I could not sort out.

Plus SRAM is not an easy group set to mix parts around, unlike shimano where you can mix Road with Offraod parts quite easily.

For my own problems, I have just reverted to an old system of days gone by. A 10 speed group set of Dura Ace levers with an XTR reverse rear mech. Climbing mountains with gears in reverse has always been the easiest setup I have had, and one I have just gone back too.

I am still not a big fan of electronic, even though it has come a long way in recent times. I like to have full control of my bike and be able to make adjustments on the move if I need too, and that is not always possible with electronic parts.

What Is Gravel Biking?

The world of gravel cycling has moved on in massive leaps and bounds in 2019 thanks to the many professionals and amateurs who have joined the ranks of gravel cyclists, and to those in the USA who have found a new type of cycling that does not involve roads.

What Is A Gravel Bike?

A gravel bike gives you the best of all worlds. It is a combination of a road bike for going out with your road riding friends, or a sportive bike, for those who want to enter and compete in any of the sportive competitions are now throughout the year.

Is A Gravel Bike The Same As A Cyclocross Bike

In many respects it is, and you could ride a pure cyclocross bike on the road, no problem, and use it with your mates on that Sunday ride. The Canyon Inflite Is a prime example of a gravel come cyclocross bike that won the 2020 World Cyclocross Championships but with a unique set of tyres could easily be used as your road bike.

Choosing The Right Bike For Gravel And Road

In 2018 and 2019, my dream bike was always The MEGA BUCKS Specialized S-works Diverge. This was what I used to look at and wish I could own. At a price of around £8000, there was no way I was ever going to see one in my house. At the age of 60, I could not justify owning a bike like this as it would never repay me.

Our List of Gravel Bikes

2018 Pivot Vault Gravel Bike

2018 Specialized S-Works Diverge

2018 Scott Addict CX RC Gravel Bike

2018 Norco Search XR Carbon

2018 Felt VR2

2018 Cannondale Topstone Gravel Bike

2018 Trek Checkpoint SL 6 Gravel Bike

2018 Mason Definition 2 Rival 1X Gravel Bike

2018 Canyon Grail CF SLX 8.0 DI2


2019 Kona Rove Gravel Bike

2019 S-Works Diverge

2020 GT Grade Gravel Carbon Pro Gravel Bike

2020 S-Works Diverge

2021 S-Works Diverge

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