Choosing The Right Bike For Gravel And Road Use

Choosing The Right Bike For Gravel And Road

In 2018 and 2019, my dream bike was always The MEGA BUCKS Specialized S-works Diverge. This was what I used to look at and wish I could own. At a price of around £8000, there was no way I was ever going to see one in my house. At the age of 60, I could not justify owning a bike like this as it would never repay me.

S-Works Diverge – My Dream Bike

Fortunately, I never bought one and spent so much money on a bike that does not quite live up to its name. They sell mainly it to those who have a shed load of cash to buy one. The S-works Diverge is not actually a bike designed purely for gravel AND off-road,

It is a very expensive frame combined with a top of the range wheel set and a top of the range group set.

Fortunately, few more gravel bikes have now shown the light AND overtaken the S-works as the most wanted bike to buy for gravel riding and road use.

So move on down the ladder Mr really expensive Specialized S-works Diverge and make way for a few more exciting options for a much smaller price.

Expensive Bikes Means Real Frame Warranties

It is amazing how many people still buy a gravel bike, or a road bike for that matter, for all the wrong reasons:

My mate has the same bike and says it is the dogs’ bollocks.

  • It is a top of the range bike. It has won races here, there and everywhere.
  • It has been given 5 stars in all the top magazines.
  • It is fully loaded and looks the mutz nutz.
  • It has all the top SRAM electronic kit fitted
  • It has all the top Shimano electronic kit fitted
  • It has the best wheels ever

These are great and something I always looked at when drooling over my next bike. Sadly for me it was nearly always a 2nd hand bike or a ride to work scheme in the UK.

I could never justify 8-10k on a bike.

Bike Warranties

What you should really look at if you are a gravel rider is the FRAME WARRANTY. You will more than likely be buying a new bike, which means the frame warranty counts as the number one priority.

A frame warranty is normally ONLY FOR THE ORIGINAL OWNER. No use to you when you buy it 2 months down the road from Tom and Jerry, as the warranty will be invalid. A 6k 2nd hand bike will more than likely have NO WARRANTY and no comeback should it crack on your first ride through the forest.

Now, when a lot of these bike testers are doing their bit for the company they are looking at and their magazine, look at how many of them actually list the warranty of the frame and wheels.

These are the two most expensive items on the bike, and in all fairness, the two most likely to fail. A warranty on these two items would be a great start.

Sadly, wheels warranties are normally none existent, and frame warranties vary from 2 years ( yes 2 measly years) to UNLIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY OF THE ORIGINAL OWNER.

HOWEVER: Some companies are really CRAP as they have a catch within the warranty, and not everyone sees the catch. With some of them you have to register your new bike WITHIN 30 DAYS of buying it, or the warranty is ONLY FOR A LIMITED PERIOD. SHITTTTT

In our reviews of gravel bikes, we list what we think is THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTS. The frame warranties. If there is a warranty for the wheels, it will also be there.

We have a separate list of bike companies and their warranties for frames and wheels.