About Us

Cycling is my passion. The Mountains of France, Italy, and Switzerland are my home… Enjoying life is what it is all about.

MensGadgets.net is a website about those things in life that we men crave over and dream about. Stuff that we would like to own even if it is way out of our league. My dream was to always own a Porsche 911. That dream has been going on now for 40 years. It is still a dream. And the 911 has got better looking as time has gone bye.

We find stuff that we want, or that we think others might want or dream about. We look at cars, motorbikes and the harder stuff that you have to pedal to get anywhere. We like Macs and Windows computers, but not the jargon that goes with them, or the price when it comes to a new Mac these days.

I am knocking on a bit now and like to look after myself. So my health is quite important, along with fitness. We have a motorhome so we go travelling quite a lot but mainly to Italy as we love so many things about it.

Hopefully we try and be a little different to others when we write about stuff. To me a warranty is quite important, especially when you are paying big bucks for a new bike or something special. So we try and look at these things first before the other stuff.

Good reviews from geniune people are also important. Amazon for instance has so many products that it sells with genuine reviewers that it is hard not to take notice of what people think. We like that and follow this principle.

Hobbies – Enjoyment – Feeling Good – Family Values – Getting Away. They all count….